Banquet Sharing_

a TRiGGER proposal for a networking event to support developing practice in a participatory setting > UPDATED by L. Kirby 4 July 2012


  • · Send a beautiful invitation to a sharing banquet.  Bring a signature dish or a dish you like and also bring something of your creative practice to share.  A relaxed atmosphere with the exchange of food and practice.
  • · Round table set for appropriate number of guests

STARTER> (Paper plate activity)

  • · Using paper plates, draw/write ‘what’s been on your plate’ in your work world.  (Timed activity)
  • · Show and tell (timed activity)
  • · Plates are passed to the right and the other person asks a question on the back of the plate (Timed activity)

MAIN> (Signature Dish Sharing)

  • · Sharing the foods brought (may have interesting stories why brought)
  • · Sharing something signature from your practice (what’s in your bag of tricks or something positive you have experienced or proud of)

PUDDING> (reflection)

  • · Say something nice/positive about each member of the group (for a sugary sweet end to the meal)

DOGGIE BAG> (take bits back to filter into your own practice)

  • · On a Tupperware use permanent markers to draw/write what you want to take back, as a memory aid and also to hold the food (timed activity)

NUMBER OF GUESTS >  6-8 or adapted to suit

MATERIALS REQUIRED >  paper plates, pens, takeaway tubs, permanent pens, paper for invites, felt pens… and everyone’s creative participation experiences


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