Creative Dialogues

TRiGGER: Creative Dialogues

Investigating new approaches to creative participation and peer to peer sharing across a variety of artistic disciplines and platforms.

The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7 sessions have been designed to provoke an exploration of creative practice in a shared, safe and structured environment.

7 Participants are invited to bring along their creative Issue to the group and present this in no more than 3 minutes while the group listens without comment.

Each group member is issued with a question heading to consider. After consideration of the issue, each member will then offer their question to the Creative Issue Holder who will listen and take notes without discussion or comment.

This is an opportunity for the Issue Holder to invite responses from the group which are non judgemental, non critical and without the need for them to reply, react or offer further explanation of the issue.

The Question Givers cannot offer advice, make judgements or give a `what I would do if I were you` response.

The 7question headings are:





Big Picture




TRiGGER will be piloting the “Magnificent 7” to an invited group of artists at WASPS Meadowmill, Dundee in December 2012 as part of on going research.


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