TRiGGER explores the needs and aspirations of established professional artists, designers and crafts persons engaged in working within participatory settings. Exploring quality and collaborative creative practice both formal and informal. TRiGGER is funded by ArtWorks Scotland / Creative Scotland / Paul Hamlyn Foundation over a two year period to research “Developing Practice Within Participatory Settings”. The TRiGGER network was initiated and co-created by Louise Kirby and Louise Ritchie with core members Paola McClure, Dougie Paterson, Astrid Leeson and Andy Milligan.

TRiGGER evolved through discussions with established creative practitioners who had a proven track record of creative engagement across a wide spectrum collaborative practice. TRiGGER was established in the Autumn of 2011 and was launched into the public realm through TRiGGER’s pivotal role at the GIDE Group for International Design Education “Design in Action” workshop  in February 2012. The TRiGGER research team was invited to collaborate with GIDE to explore three dimensional expressions of networks and connections. Connectivity, quality and skills sets are the three main lines of critical enquiry that underpins the ArtWorks “Developing Practice Within Participatory Settings” research agenda.


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